Royal Sussex Regimental Collections at Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress Military Museum

The Royal Sussex Regimental Collection

The Royal Sussex Regimental Collection has been at the Redoubt Fortress since 1983 and pays tribute to our local regiment. 

The collection dates back to the 18th Century and includes an impressive array of uniforms, drums, medals, souvenirs, trophies and a German staff car captured in the desert during the Second World War.

Collection Highlights

Heart pin cushion

Sweetheart pin cushion sent home by a soldier, 1914-1918

Captured German Staff Car

German staff car, once used by Rommel, captured in the desert.

Royal Sussex Regiment uniforms

Stunning uniforms

Royal Sussex Regiment medal collection

Vast array of medals

Royal Sussex Regimental drum

Regimental drums

Royal Sussex Regiment silver statuette

Souvenirs and trophies

Royal Sussex Regiment drum

The Royal Sussex Regimental Collection

This fascinating insight into our local regiment includes some fantastic highlights including:

  • Regimental drum collection, including painted and silver drums from the Duke of Norfolk
  • Impressive displays of medals and silver
  • Beautiful uniform and helmet collections dating back to 18th Century
  • Large painted wall hanging from the First World War
  • Von Arnim’s German Staff Car captured by the Royal Sussex in the North African desert, 1942
  • A display about Eastbourne ‘s hero Nelson Victor Carter and how he won his Victoria Cross in 1916
  • Rare helmet badge and shoulder plate collections

Collection History

Established in 1930, the collection moved from its home in Chichester to the Redoubt in 1983.

The Orange Lillies

The Royal Sussex Regiment was formerly known as the Orange Lillies from its early beginnings in 1701.

Battle Honours

Read the regiments Battle Honours from as early as Gibraltar in 1704, through to the Second World War.


Family Tree

View the history of the regiment from the 35th Regiment of Foot through to the Royal Sussex Regiment.


General Charles Lennox was a leading figure in the regiment, famous for duelling with the Duke of York.

Victoria Crosses

The Regiment were awarded six Victoria Crosses including Eastbourne hero Sgt Major Nelson Victor Carter.

Did You Know?

Japanese sword handles were made from shark skin for better grip
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