Redoubt Fortress Military History

History of the Redoubt Fortress

The Redoubt Fortress is one of only three surviving Napoleonic Redoubts in the UK and is recognised by Historic England as being of national importance!

Find over 200 years of history at the Redoubt Fortress, built during the Napoleonic wars, this unique fortification was also used during World Wars I and II and tells the stories of the people who lived here.

Fortress Features

Parade Ground

March around the parade ground and guard a sentry box

Casements at the Redoubt Fortress

Explore the Casemates, which housed up to 350 men

Exploring the Redoubt Fortress

Run the gun platforms for maximum fun

Redoubt Seafront entrance

Visit the fortress from the seafront promenade

The Outpost cafe

Pop into casemate 13, now The Outpost vintage style cafe

Cannons at the Redoubt Fortress

Climb up onto a cannon platform for great sea views

Redoubt caponiers

Visit a caponier in the dry moat, used for close range defence

Tunnels at the Redoubt Fortress

Visit a twilight tour for a unique experience

Origins of the Redoubt

History of the Redoubt FortressFrom its early beginnings as a Napoleonic defence to a base for Canadian troops before the D-Day landings, the Redoubt has a varied history and a collection ranging from the Crimean War to the modern day Gulf conflict. 

A Guide to the Building

model of the Redoubt FortressBuilt from 1803 to 1810, the Fortress housed up to 200 men and features 24 casemates, 10 cannon, 5 caponiers and a dry moat.  Find out more about the building of the Redoubt Fortress.

FREE Entry to the Fortress

Redoubt Fortress gates on the promEntry to the parade ground, gun platforms, café and shop are completely FREE! Please note tickets are required for entry to the military museum, casemates, caponier and for specified events.

Napoleonic Displays

Napoleonic soldiersDiscover life as a soldier during Napoleonic times in our exhibition and explore the original features of the Fortress.
Image gallery

Did You Know?

The Redoubt was named a hidden National Treasure by the BBC National Treasures Live website.
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Twilight Tours of the Redoubt Fortress

Haunted Redoubt

The Redoubt is a popular venue for paranormal groups.  Why not visit during one of our twilight tours for a fun and spooky experience.

Reported sightings include:

  • a strange crouching man on the gun platform
  • the mysterious woman in a white gown
  • an eerie figure walking through the cell walls
  • and numerous reports of cold and uneasy feelings in the cells and casemate 11

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