Napoleonic exhibition at the Redoubt Fortress

Napoleonic Displays

Discover life as a soldier during Napoleonic times by visiting the Redoubt to view the Napoleonic display and interior features of the Fortress! 

Napoleonic Displays

Redoubt Parade Ground

Explore the Fortress

Discover the mysteries of Firepower and Fortification at 11am and the secrets of the Lockup & Latrines 2.30pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. Daily tours of the Redoubt also at 11am & 2.30pm.
Redoubt Building Plan

Discover the Redoubt's secrets

Musketry in the Caponier

Explore the caponier and other original features

Encampment at the Redoubt

Discover Life as a Napoleonic Soldier in Casemate 2

The walls of casemates 2 and 3 still have their black iron shelf frames. Under each shelf frame there would have been a bed, and when the beds were folded away during the day, soldiers hung their kit on these frames.

There may have been some women living at the Redoubt, as officially the Army allowed six officers in a company to live with their wives on site. They would share the same barracks or sleeping quarters as the rest of the men, with only a blanket hung across the room from privacy.

Model of the Redoubt Fortress

The Redoubt Model

Casemate 2 includes a model of the Redoubt, shown as it was during its 19th Century heyday, giving an impression of the size and scale of this magnificent building.

Did You Know...

The Redoubt housed up to 200 men, and could even accommodate 350 in an emergency. 
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